Thursday, January 14, 2010

rain, pours, whoas and stuff

the Mom van is back in the driveway tonight. It will not be traveling for a day or two. I hope we can get it running soon.
it is getting older and we baby it along, S is amazing and works his magic on it, keeps it going - it is really something else.
he broke his cell phone - the screen is cracked, it dropped to the ground while he was inspecting the Mom-van - so now it is pouring a bit on our troubles.
his car is not running well either and for whatever reason we can't figure out what would help it. He has tried all kinds of things to trouble shoot it with not much success.
We have lots of outgo and not much inflow at the moment. it is a stressor for me and him.

Have faith and a bit of happiness ( we will ride this out together)

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