Tuesday, December 07, 2010

the good, the bad and the ugly

Yesterday I went to see the Infectious disease doc and the to follow up with a work comp doc. The news was mixed.

The good- The PICC line comes out tomorrow morning after a 10 day run on the Vancomycyn yes I am very happy about that this leads to the ugly truth but hang on a moment for that I will get there too. So that is a good thing in my book.

The bad- More antibiotics - What you say? yes I need to continue treatment another mixed bag of drugs for another 10 days this time a combination of two good antibiotics - but I can take them orally. but I need to remain off the leg still so feet elevated as much as I can and try to fight this off and get well. So I am going to try visualizing fighting white knight in my leg ( white good cells) and they will win and next week I hope to be fit for work !! it still a wait and see as of yesterday.

The ugly- the truth is I can't wait for the PICC line to come out so I can shower on a daily basis LOL with the way it is stuck in my arm a shower was less than desirable or manageable more than a couple of times. my routine was highly disturbed. Yes I will be resuming my daily ( or most daily) habit commencing tomorrow afternoon.

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