Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Meet Harley

Harley is about 3 1/2 years old and mostly a smooth coat Dachshund in red coloration with black accents lol - he has black eyeliner and a little black spot about mid way up his tail that looks as if some one took a sharpie to him. He is settling in, we took him in from a friend who will have too many dogs to be able to move soon. She needed a good spot for him and well I think we will do.

He is a little shadow to S and follows him, wants to be with him, wants to lay on him. He even was spoiled too- we had weened all dogs from the bed about 7 years ago- just about the time we got Sampson. But now we have a new addition to the bed - so far he is a good night sleeper and seems to be easy going for the most part. He is a little bit of a drama King and " squeals" if you touch him wrong or scare him in anyway !

This is Sampson, he seems gigantic compared to Harley, sampson is right at about 14 pounds these days and Harley is under ten so there is quite a size difference, he was never around any cats, but with how mellow rasputin is he seems interested in checking him out.

He is contented to find a lap to sit in and love on. he is happy to see us come home and to be with us. we have to learn new habits and find new ways to take two dogs where we were getting used to one. But we are happy to have a new addition to our household.

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