Monday, May 23, 2005

A little Cheerleading

Sometimes you know that what you say and do makes a little bit of difference in a life. Today I think I cheered D on. He wasn't going to go out for the Football team- but he listened to me and saw that what I had to say was genuinely for him- I wanted him to do it only if he really could see it for himself.

He did it too !! he was tired and didn't do as long as he needed to do but... I think there will be more tomorrow and Friday .

I knew I needed to help him " see " all the success that last year's football did for him - he lost weight got in shape and the " guys" were so good to him, it bouyed his spirit and he needed to be reminded of the great fun and good stuff that made it worthwhile. It's not to say there weren't trials like losing games! He just needed to get the bigger picture and remember the feeling.

Go for it D- I know you are ready for some football.

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