Thursday, June 16, 2005

Here we go again

J- why do you do the things your do? how Can I be a good parent and not want to cry when I hear you say to me, you would rather go live in a homeless shelter than live in my house if I make you face the concequences of your actions? I am very downhearted today, this child of mine making me make the hardest choises I have made in my life time. I hate that you just want to hate me so, with love on the other side of the same- I wish I could be free and easy, but in order for you to be the best man you can be I have to shape you now, I have to enforce the concequences, the boundries-- it Sucks for me, I wish I could be your friend, but in the end I can't.

I am sorry dear readers to burden you - but I have to put this down somewhere.

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