Monday, June 27, 2005

"schools out for summer" yeah

Yeah, J is done with Summer school, 150 bucks and 1/2 credit later, we are on the road to better days I hope. He passed, so off he and D are going on Saturday the 2nd of July to WY and camp buffallo Bill BSA camp. They are very excited and will spend monday the 4th in the park ( yellowstone) then the rest of the week doing scouting things.

They are meeting up with 2 scouts who are coming as lone scouts from florida, all our guys are looking forward to this. We created a cool t-shirt and will have them tomorrow I will post photo's as soon as we can odel them. The boys are the " flaming purple monkeys " and that is the logo on the shirts, should be a riot as the shirts are bright yellow and the monkey purple and flames red!!

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