Thursday, February 15, 2007

silly boys

this is Sampson, silly guy- he has about 7 shots in him bb's and pellets.

this is an older shot of general- but he has 10-or 11 shots and pellets in him.


Cathy said...

That guy needs to be strung up by the toes. Then we could all use him for target practice.

You know, there is something terribly wrong in a person's heart who will cause pain like that to a helpless animal.

Kate said...

I'm just so happy that he moved. Poor pooches! Will they do anything about the shots now or just keep an eye on any developing problems? Hope the boys are getting along okay without Gabby. Hope you are, too!

Michelle said...

Poor little babies!

Is removing the bb's an option or are they going to be alright?