Wednesday, October 03, 2007

hey- how about those Rockies!!

Rocktober is a kick'n time this year with the home team, beating out the padres ( sorry auntie Sunny! i know those are your guys) is it really possible that we could see a world series in Denver?? They are doing an awesome job- with a bunch of rookies.

We had an employee recognition luncheon today at work, it was awesome- and the boss kept us posted on the Rockies throughout. We really have baseball fever here. Even J who's not a big fan is caught up in watching the boys do well.

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Kate said...

It's strange to think of your boys playing baseball when mine are playing football!

Let me know when you have tickets and I'll be there in a jiffy! :) I've wanted to see the Rockies play ever since dreaming of going to a game with my very first love. He was a pitcher. We wanted to see Rockies and Marlins face-to-face when they were expansion teams. Yeah...years ago. :) Ahh. Good times.