Wednesday, January 02, 2008

resolve to watch this for a moment

a video about resolutions

Hh asked me the other day in Church why do we say he and his all the time in the book of common prayer? Well my response was that Gram Ollie was working on a new revised edition of that all important document with a gender neutral phrasing. That this was " old school" and we would someday have more genderless language but still retain the wonderfulness of our episcopal traditions.

She is ahead of her time ( Gram and Hh)

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Gram Ollie said...

gram Ollie just about died and went to heaven after reading about the revised Prayer Book.
There really is hope for tomorrows kids. She is there today!
Tell her I love her (and you, too for elevating me to such heights).
My day is going to be terrific! Tomorrow, too.