Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Back to School soon-

I talked about the trauma of the imunizations the other day, well tonight was the exciting registration, find my locker, learn a combination and fail and try again - until you realize that S didn't give us the right locker number ( dislexic??)- once we figured out the right locker, try again right, left, right- combo- S marked the right and then HH she got it LOL !!

she's excited but really excited at the prospect of a " bigger" library!! I find this funny, but sad, she read everybook in the elementary library and we had to find her new material quite often- from my home library instead. So the prospect of new books to read is so inviting. I am gald she is looking forward to this.

the 7th graders get a day on their own before the intigration of both 7th and 8th - this made her feel better about it too, though they have somekind of wierd rotating schedule ( we did too- if I remember right) Why they do this is beyond me but will keep them occupied for a few days until they settle in .

so that what we did tonight.

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