Tuesday, August 12, 2008

my bus riding mornings

these are some of my regular - rider friends for a monday morning they look pretty happy to be going to work :) Vanessa- Wendy and Ohmira they all work for the university of Colorado in Boulder too.

this is the parking structure on the "east side" of the park and ride, we wait to go to work on this side. these photos are not in a very logical order.

here I am inside the bus, the east facing window is bright early in the am - we get picked up before 7 am at our PNR ! ( park and ride)
This is the hill going into Boulder and Boulder Res., in the forground, and the veiw is looking out toward estes park-ish west by north west.

this is the view of the Park and Ride from the " west side" I park here and walk across to the east side in the morning, so I don't have to walk across in the afternoon. This is the bridge that crosses the highway from west to east is how I cross this every morning! I see regular riders going the other way as well. We always nod and say good morning.
This is just on the east side looking south east-ish into the neighboorhood. there are a few hotels
Here is the veiw of the bridge I cross after getting to the east side. The busses pull right up here to pick us up !

well there is my early morning comute these days- I am saving gas money and riding about 4 days a week sometimes 5!

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