Saturday, August 02, 2008

dark and light -

S, HH and I went to see the Dark Night - today! very well done, very dark and very gorry - bloody - even Hh liked it and she has not seen any of the others in the theater I don't think. I was a great movie, good to see it on the big screen, was good pace and great effects and visuals.

then we came home and painted- the third room is now a very sunny yellow - it is an oops paint too. I will be posting pictures soon, we need to do the trim and touch ups but overall it will be inviting and great for company, (I can't wait to see you :) we still need to finish up and put the bed back in there and other furnature. but it is on its way.
I have been at my job ( which I still LOVE) at the University of Colorado Boulder- for a little over one year now. - I can't believe it but it has flown by. Friday I got news that I am getting promoted to a GPII - fantastic news - with it comes a little raise - YEAH! even better news. Well I would venture to say I am doing a good job :)

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