Thursday, October 16, 2008


This is actually 889:) - posts that is- wow this is quite a feat, almost 4 years of blogging it is hard to believe I have been so prolific! There have been lots of projects, updates, stories and tons of pictures.

I am proud that I still get quite a few hits on the Colorology- misspelling, and the Colorstrology links to the pantone web site! It is fun to see what the search engine brings me, I still come up pretty high on the misspelling and it always makes me smile. Color is an interesting concept for me, and the thought of coloring one's " special days" with interesting color is a happy thought. The search for things with meaning in our lives...special to us, we connect with others and the universe in a small world kind of way.... this is how the subject connects me to the web and the world. So go a seek color, I have a few links here and you can explore many more.

lately the thanksgiving turkey I linked to a couple of years ago is bringing in searchers - fun for kids to color. See color in our lives?

My secret Santa ( neighbor) - is an interesting search too, people are looking for those special holiday things already. This economic crisis may be stimulating my blog searches for things we can do for others that don't cost too much! Love your Neighbors and pass on good tidings and cheer.

The little( mini) mail boxes I created this year at Valentines day bring lots of good search traffic too. they were in the dollar bins at target, I keep on the look-out for those deals when ever we visit my favorite big box retailer. I always find what I am shopping for at target.

one other item of interest is the " trailer trash" invitation my Friend Kate made and I posted to the web. This image gets associated with - redneck woman because I included the lyrics of that song with the graphics of the postcard! - oh boy you just never can tell what people are searching for. I am glad some of my fun scrapping items do get googled and I get visits from all over the globe for my top items of interest. -

So if you have read this far, thanks for stopping in and taking a look at my Creative Life, leave a comment if you want to, and really thanks for taking a little time to stop and search for the things I write about! :)

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