Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We love Valentine's at my house, almost as much as ground hog's day! Well my friend K8 sent us a postcard from Valentine, NE They passed through there on the way to the Blackhills and mount rushmore. Very cute, it even had a ground hog on the front of it.

K8's mom also posted up a bit about their trip at her blog. I have not ever visited at mount rushmore, When I was married to EX-J we went on a road trip to N.D. and passed through the black hills but didn't stop. This is on my list of places to visit so maybe one day we will be able to make that trip. They went to Crazy horse too, but were fogged out. We had a couple of days of dreary rainny weather here too, I was sorry to hear that their trip was also subject to that weather. the NPS runs the park - it looks like a cool place to go for a visit.

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