Tuesday, December 02, 2008

adventures in appendicits

here is a full citation at wikipedia about appendicitis.

why are you interested in this?? well, on Friday after thanksgiving at BBD's house mom started to have pain, she vomited and was dozing on and off for quite a while. When we arrived back to the house, after shopping in the afternoon, she had a lot of pain, Drama ensued and I didn't get my way which was suggested that we take her into Cheyenne and get her medical need evaluated.

instead she went to bed, we got up the next morning, pack and headed out, her and Dad followed shortly thereafter and made in home to CO springs on Saturday afternoon. I went to my house in Denver and then I went to their house on Sunday night. ( a long torturous commute- in terrible weather and traffic. but that is a story for a different day!)

so the saga continued, when I arrived at their house, mom had been in a robe all day ( not like her at all) she had a tough time staying awake and a tougher time getting into her large tall bed. that evening I suggested a pain pill and she took one then slept well through the night, she felt better on Monday am and off to work I went, asking her to please phone her doctor. well she didn't do that, and as the day wore on her pain increased again. So she was in so much pain by early evening, my dad called 911 and brought the fire-emt's to the house. They transported her to Memorial hospital and they , did a cat scan, then held her to have surgery at 6:00 am.

so this morning- I came back to CO. springs . she had the appendix removed and then had a tough time in recovery. they had her on a breather until about 4:30 pm today . She has been a smoker for many years and this was a contributing factor to her difficult recovery, but when we left to go back to their condo, then she was doing all right .

so a few more days at the hospital and then a recovery time, of about 30 days can be expected.

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Kate said...

Oh my goodness! That is a long time to go in pain, how did she do it? I am glad to hear that she came out of surgery ok and is on the road to recovery. Will keep her in our prayers! And you, too, with your long drives and miserable weather. Stay warm and safe!