Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wii wish you a Merry Christmas

We bought a Wii- not yet hooked up but that was our gift this year. I am looking forward to " playing"

the other blessing is mom is home now, after nearly a month of hospitalization and care. I am truely happy because my dad was a lost soul without her, She has always run the house and he didn't know where to begin with her gone! I managed to get quite a bit of time to be with him and her - thank god. It sucks being in the sandwich generation.

we will spend time together with friends tonight and that will make a great holiday. Tomorrow i am off and I promised Hh some new Pj Flannel pants. I will post them when completed and modeled by the girl. So overall this has be a pretty weird christmas, not a lot of gift buying, not alot of fussing at home. more effort into making sure that everyone was well taken care of.

More photos if you follow my side bar link to flickr- happy holidays y'all

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