Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Secret santa is on his way!

at work we have a secret santa exchange, we draw names and the value of the gift is 15 dollars or less. Last year I draw Sam ( a man) and made him an mobile- picture hanging one with homemade christmas cards and tags. Everyone ranted and raved, but my suppervisor really ranted, she wanted me to be her secret santa for sure " next year" well it is next year, we drew names, I didn't get her's but my co-worker who did get the supervisors name ask if I wanted to exchange so I for sure get my supervisor's name?? well I accepted- but my co-worker said on one condition, that I get tto have you as my secret santa- next year!!! well I guess my skills are in high demand.

so what did I make you might want to know? - I purchased three unfinished trays at hobby lobby- the kind that are made of thin plywood and pine? I then went to the scrapbook isle to see what I could find to put in the bottoms of the trays, and found a k& comp. scrapbook kit with stickers, paper and rub-ons that I bought too, the papers and stickers liook a bit festive and could pass for christmas, reds and greens- but are quite homey too and will do for most any time of the year.

I used extra chipboard - and cut and pieced it to fin the bottom of each tray, then used modpodge and put the paper on the boards, and the boards in the bottom of each tray. I gave it tow more layers of modpodge on top of the paper and stickers and rub-ons - then decided it really needed a coat of varnish ( polyureatane) so that is what I worked on last night while we watched t.v.

well I took photos this morning and posted them up to flikr- you can see them there and so I could attach them here. Let me know what you think of my lates altered project- my supervisor needs to be very happy that my co-worker traded with me!!!

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