Tuesday, September 08, 2009

no nifty title- just stuff

I have had my plate full to the top these last few months. Mom has had a health crisis and I am not certain we are past it completely. She has been her typical self in that she has kept it away from us, this in my mind is not helpful. I would rather know and understand the issues and solutions and seek help from others, it is helpful to me to learn about the outcomes good and bad. it is helpful to look at other peoples experiences and see how they have coped with the same crisis. She on the other hand wants to shut herself away and not allow anyone to help.
What is difficult as well is that I think that my Dad's condition is worsening as well, the stress of having to " deal" with Mom in her crisis and the tight reign she has on anyone knowing or helping causes more stress than necessary. I think he is in need of help - but won't allow us to come and figure out good outcomes. The two of them are so fiercely independent it makes me put my teeth at edge.

Work has been busy too, it seems there are not enough hours in the day for all that I want to accomplish. I have regularly been assigned outreach duty at the Anschutz Medical campus of the University of Colorado. The office is nice and I get alot done as it can be quite and and that makes it a good work enviroment. But being away from my Boulder office has some drawbacks too. I need paperwork and items at my home office. I don't have quite as many resources As I would like. And sometimes it is just that I am by myself so long the lights in the out hallway turn themselves off ( they are on a sensor- movement) . So maybe you get the picture.

no real funny stuff lately hopefully this will come around again when things settle down. -

Take it easy and drop me a line if you are so inclined.


Kate said...

Ah Sweetie. I wish I was there to sit with you! I'd even go to work with you and walk the hallways. How lonesome that must feel!! I am thinking of you always and send my love! :)

Karen604 said...

It may all take a while but things will get better. Stick some good stuff on the Ipod for work.
The folks that come to see you know that it is not the main office. They are glad to be talking to someone with a face and not just someone on the phone. No one expects you to know every thing just where to get the answers. the great thing about the way that you do things is that people know that you care about them and their questions and problems. Keep up the good work.
We need to find a time for lunch.