Thursday, October 22, 2009

1st time black belt testing

Last of the Prep cycle classes :)
Waiting on instruction conditional black belts and the brown belts ( 1st time testers)
We are off for the hills tomorrow, the Black belt testing in Breckenridge- Hh going for her high brown belt. It will be grueling and she is ready but nervous I think. We will leave the pups at home and J says he will come up and feed them, and put them to bed. He will need to feed fish too! I am glad he is going to come up and help.
we are arming ourselves with books, books on tape and laptops- it will be a lot of sitting and waiting and stuff. we will take protien bars for Hh as she will most likely not get a full meal for two days.
I will take photos and possibly video - look for those post to come next week.

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