Wednesday, October 14, 2009

School Confrences at M Middle

I went to the Middle school parent teacher conferences this evening , the only teacher I didn't get to meet with LOVES hh so I think that was o.k.

She is doing well and being heavily recruited to all the local area HS programs in IB ( international baccalaureate) . The rest of the teachers had also good things to say. Some had constructive comments to help her do even better. !! She is spending all her homework time doing Math - algebra- advanced for her age but she is doing well. So overall nothing bad to say.

The " prep cycle" for Karate has been grueling and we are coming to the home stretch there too. I am spending my time waiting for October to be done :) but we are going through it at a faster clip than I thought possible. Hh is looking pretty buff after 8 weeks, I am up to 50 crunches almost every night now and my what a good habit that is too. :)

We got some school photos and will be sending those out in a few days as I can, find a bit of time to make a few cards. Look for those in the snail mail to our PEEPs who read here regularly.

That's all for now folks.

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Gran Ollie said...

The IB program here is terrific and I hope Hh will be willing to do it. It's a lot of work and competition etc. She's up to it with you guys supporting her. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the Prep stuff. Looking forward to some pics. Sure would be nice if we had a full family picture. Anybody for a Walmart setting?