Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snow day - our way

The front bench with what may be about 20" on the seat it was pretty light and fluffy now.
Neighbor to the south had cool icicles

Snow angels in progress

more process on the angels. looks pretty fluffy

My guess is we won't be grilling today :) about 18 inches or so in the back yard maybe 20

Done with snow angels.

Neighbor tree

Me- glasses are photogray and change to a pretty dark shade in all this light

Yeah we shoveled.

Hh and I shoveled and draged a large fallen branch and trash cans, and made snow angels well she did - it was pretty chilly but still it was beautiful too.


Kate said...

I'm jealous. All that beautiful snow, a day off from everything, two of my favorite people... Call us next time and we'll come out for cocoa!

Queue_t said...

oh that would be fabu- totally or a coffee?? either way a snow day with friends is just what my doctor would order :)