Thursday, March 11, 2010

me me me

taken a week ago at the office in building 500 at the Anschutz medical campus of the University of Colorado

another shot out the door of the office, its a nice suite

yesterday night on the way home from AMC-office about 5:00pm MST in a "new bus" these particular busses are used on RTD routes that do NOT have to go downtown, the buses were orderd from a european maker but are to large apparently to fit in the garage under the market stree & 16th street mall, they are very nice busses but very tall! seats are a little narrower than some other buses in the regional fleet. so it is a comfy ride anyway


Kathryn said...

Love seeing you!! I would ride a bus to work daily if we had one. :( A new comfy bus would be an added treat!

Queue_t said...

look how long my hair is getting, am going to get a cut cause i can't stand it at the moment! LOL

I realized that is the morning picture not the evening one! oh well one trip blurs into another sometimes.