Wednesday, March 17, 2010

way to go grace!

Grace needed to be my middle name, not Ann!~!! LOL !@#!~~
Today at lunch. i had a salad, yeah me! but.... as i put on the dressing, i put the lid back on and was going to give the whole thing a shake and well what do you know the lid was NOT really on very well.
Good thing I am in the office mostly by myself and the ladies room is not far. Good thing I have on a cami under my shirt. I ended up taking it OFF and washing it with soap and water, wringing it and heading back in the office ( Door closed) turned on a fan and set it on a chair in the sun, it is almost dry again and I think I maight be o.k. for my presentation this afternoon.
!@$~&^% crisis averted!!!


Kathryn said...

Nice recovery!! :) I'm off to buy some tighter lids before you get here... lol! Better yet! We'll just avoid anything healthy. ;)

Anonymous said...

There was a moment of oh Sh******T !!! and then oh well worst case would be go to the bookstore and buy a BUFFS shirt to wear.

I like the idea to avoid the healthy!! we can't wait to see you