Friday, September 16, 2005

Bloging Crushes

by the way of Angie Peterson @the blog of me ( see side bar for link)

September 14, 2005 :: 11:10 PM :: Written by Darren Rowse

Blog Crushes

BlogcrushThings have gotten a little heavy in some of the latest comment threads here at ProBlogger so I thought it might be time to put a little love in the air and have some fun.

So I’m suggesting we make the next 7 days about naming our Blog Crushes.

Do you have a crush on another blogger? I don’t mean an actual crush - rather is there a blog or blogger out there that you really admire? Maybe you’re too scared to let them know or are afraid that your admiration is unrequited?

So Angie Names a few of her crushes- And I will name a few of mine- I wait daily for Michelle at Scrapablity to update her blog- she is up on the latest and greatest and I aspire to be like her when my blog matures

and then there is Angie- Sucessful Book Author- Book of Me
I love her style and her sense, she is always challenging herself and others to look to the best source of our stories- ourselves, and include us and our relationships in our books.

There is Teri Fode {snapshots}
this is one talented lady and such a spirit of giving and her heart and mind are in the right place for god to work through her. She takes great photos and does cool things with her scrap supplies, very clever and to the edge.

I like to take a look at all the things Gretchen does for her LSS and CC here at her Blog
she is an everyday kind of gal and I relate to her on many levels, she still finds time to scrap and be a cretive muse.

I have to put Lindsay Teague here too- she makes me laugh out loud somedays and other days she really has great photos- sometimes when she doesn't update I visit her blog anyway! Her's is screen shots

well I am like Angie and now I will be thinking of some more to add here to my blog crushes, thanks ladies for all the inspirations to keep on doing my favorite fun activity - scrapping my family and photos.


Angie Pedersen said...

Aw, you're so sweet! Thanks for "crushing" on me! ;)

Queue_t said...

you are welcome!! you are really inspiring with all you do and think of to do, you offerring to help people with journaling consultation, fabulous idea!! I am inspired everytime I go to read your blog. Thanks


Anonymous said...

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