Thursday, September 29, 2005

video card in my home computer is fried

Well I am bummed out, my system at home is down, no video card. it sucks.
so I will post from here for a little while at work.

J is playing football tonight against columbine, and Hh is singing in the choir seems all is going along, D won an ipod nano at school durring a rally yesterday!

my friend writes me lovley letters- and I think I have decieded to go to CKU if I can in May 06 in provo- so I have to go sign up for the newsletter and see what else is up there.

I hope I have enough time to convince my friend Kate to go too.:) Karen is already on the path to figure out the best method to be able to go, we may try to see if one other girlfriend wants to go too. yippee- this is a dream for me and definate on my bigger wish list of things to do before I die.


Brooke said...

I hate it when we have video card problems. Hope you can fix yours soon.

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