Monday, September 26, 2005

a meme from my friend Ching's blog

This week's MeMe Challenge is: We were all little girls at some point right? Tell us about the one most special childhood memory you have that still brings a smile to your face

This is her memory

here is mine :

When I was about (almost 6) we went to visit my great aunt and uncle who lived in San Antonio TX. We went there over the christmas holiday, it was the year before my little brother Greg was born, so christmas of 1969 and we didn't know how our lives would be changing in lots of ways after this holiday. My older Brother David and I were old enought to start thinking about Santa and not sure if we belived everything.
Well my Dad was raised in a jewish home so we as a family never had a christmas tree, it was the one thing my mom consented too for the holidays. I am not sure she did a tree growing up in war time France. So we really never knew what this tradition was all about. We always had lots of presents and Santa always came down the chimney or through the stove, depositing presents in our well cleaned shoes and boots. So I don't think we ever thought that a tree was a missing item.
So then there was this very special christmas. My great Aunt and Uncle were childless , but my dad thier nefew was a favorite of theirs. When he knew he would be going away to Vietnam in the near future, his aunt and uncle wanted to shre this special time with all of us. Well in south Texas there wasn't any snow, but when we arrived at the home of my great aunt and uncle , my great aunt came running out to tell us we had just missed Santa who had already came and dropped some presents off by Helicopter!!! Well we were impressed and we were excited too- presents already and still the promise of more from my Parents.
that was just the begiing , we stayed a few days before and after christmas with them and every morning at breakfast my aunt had left us a little gift near our placemat. it was so wonderful and what a great holiday. The other part that still makes my holidays special today was the chance to go into my great uncle's property (50 acres on the guadalupe river) and Cut Down my very first Christmas Tree. This Tradition was never in my family home, but he made this such a special thing, that when I married that was one of the best things we got to do every year, get a tree, When I married my DH Steven, it has been even better....we have had artificial trees and this last year we bought a huge tree- we can put it up every year at Thanksgiving and keep it up until new years and I love the sight and thought of it today as much as the first time.
Thanks for the memories. !!!


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