Tuesday, September 06, 2005


here is a link to simple scrapbooks article on adding yourself to your scrapbook.

Here is quiz number one Name and age: Tamara A. Crandall (Spector) -old

Today’s date and time: today is Sept 6th and it is 11:07pm

1. Inside, I feel like I’m (what age): about 20 I liked myself pretty well at that age and I think I try to think young.

2. A goal I’m working on right now: Trying to get more healthy lifestyle going, walking with Steven and eating better.

3. My most recent achievement: I helped Steven build a fence :)

4. The last gift I bought for someone: a set of fake mustaches for Dane, I will include a picture of all of us we are so funny !! it made all of us laugh.

5. The last CD I bought: was 50 first dates and IZ a hawiian musican

6. My current favorite song: Toby Keith - as good as I once was.

7. The last movie I saw in the theater: wow I can't remember

8. The last book I read: Harry Potter and the HBP

9. The last new thing I learned: That my children are getting more independant everyday

10. What I’m wearing right now: a t-shirt and Jeans but I am getting ready to go to bed soon.

11. The last person I talked to on the phone: Was Dale on the way home tonight to remind him to get his scout shirt ready to go.

12. What I ate for breakfast today: We had toaster strudels-by pilsbury

13. What I thought I’d be doing by this age: I have never really been sure, working I guess and I am , though there are times when I would like to work from home more.

14. Something I’m saving up for right now: a new car- I hope the Van can hang in there for a while though.

15. Someone I think about a lot: at the moment I think about J alot of time durring the day, i also worry about the other kids too.

16. The last person I helped: Was Shawn at work today, we had lots of cleaning to do after the weekend , they blasted dirt all inside the warehouse , it was a great big mess.

17. The last thing I apologized for: elbowing J this morning acidentally

18. Something I’m worried about: I worry about money all the time- I am constantly feeling like I haven't got enough and I hate being in debt to anyone. I worry about getting child support from Jim.

19. What I wish for when I see a shooting star: to keep the love in my life, I often tell god how thankful I am for all my blessings.

20. What my plans are for the rest of this day: - snooze!

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