Sunday, January 21, 2007

what these are made of

s are a set that comes all together in the same color family from making memories company. the side of the lunch box has rubons that are " glittery " too. HH says she will be using hers as her valentine mail box at school this year!!

I should really say how I do it!! they both have this really great paper the lunch box is decoupaged right to the surface , I cut each side and pasted it on with mod podge.

the little pail is more of a- around the pail cover- it was cut and stuck to itself and they are metal so magnets stick to them too!! the flowers are stuck on with glue dots , but are comprised of multiple layers of silk and paper flower parts. and a brad.
the " bling" is little pink sequins and silver sequins glued on with a dimensional adhesive called diamond glaze.

the paper was very cool too, it has some shine and glittery ink and a slightly embossed feel on some of the words.

each has a metal tag- with rub ons for the nick name - and other paper tags attached on the outsides. the ribbon

here are a couple more shots from different angles


Cathy said...

I'm going to google making memories. See if I can find them and take a gander at what other stuff they have. I really adore this one.

After that, it's back to work...darn it.

Michelle said...

Creative indeed, I'm so lovin' it!!!

Cathy said...

I found "making memories." I'm blaming it all on you!! I ordered way too much.

Queue_t said...

oh man Cathy- don't break your budget LOL :) I love all their ribbons trims and goodies!!

all work and no play make for a very dull girl - glad to know you will be playing too.