Monday, March 19, 2007

No wonder I am having fits with J

this is from the bbc web pages
Teenage mood swing hormone found

Kevin the teenager is one of the most famous stroppy teenagersTeenage mood swings are known to be down to hormones, but scientists claim they have identified the specific one that makes adolescents so volatile.
A team from the State University of New York identified a hormone which normally acts to calm anxiety, but the effect is reversed in adolescence.
Writing in Nature Neuroscience, the researchers say it may be possible to reverse the puberty effect.
And they add the study should help parents and teachers understand teens.
There is a biological basis for a teenager's mood swings
Dr Sheryl Smith
A hormone called THP is normally released in response to stress.
It usually behaves like a tranquiliser, acting at sites in the brain that calm brain activity and, in adults and pre-pubescent children, helps someone cope with stress.
But a mouse study by the New York team shows THP actually increases anxiety at puberty.
'Things are harder for teenagers'
They found that the target for the hormone, a specific receptor, is more prevalent in the part of the brain which regulates emotion during puberty.
This appears to reverse the normal calming effect.
Dr Sheryl Smith, who led the study says it is so far unclear why this happens, but she suggests it is because of the action of all the other hormones which come into play at puberty.
Dr Smith and her team were able to genetically alter the receptor to reverse the puberty effect.
She said it might also be possible to block the effect of the hormone.
But Dr Smith said more research was needed before that was possible, and a more immediate benefit of the research might be to help parents and teachers understand what teenagers were going through.
"This research has revealed that there is a biological basis for a teenager's mood swings.
"They can be frustrating for parents and teachers - as well as the adolescents.
"As adults, we just deal with things, but it is harder for teenagers because of their biology. I think it's important for people to know that."

Well this is pretty interesting, though not helpful when J states how much he hates me and living in my home, how terrrible his whole life is and why his sister, stepbrothers are fat and not caring about being outside, I have taken away his only means of happiness the ability to be outside! he thought he was riding his bike well enough 6 months ago to be sponcered, but no we won't help him buy a new 600 dollar bike he wants to keep up with the " jones" and then well he can get sponcered . And Gee I told him trust fund babies and kids who have richer parents are the ones who can let there kids ride bikes and snowboards, instead of working and being a responsible adult. as you can tell I am over him for sure, I am looking forward to pawning him off on my friend Alice, out in Brush and be on my way to a girls vacation next week.


Anonymous said...

I do understand. My DS announced to me at lunch today that, he does not want to write and has no clue what he does want to do in life!

Kate said...

I am looking forward to our girls' weekend, too! I am sorry you are having trouble with the J-man. Poor guy. It is so very sad to hate everything in life. I'm glad you are coming here for a break. We will rejuvenate together. :)