Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ranking these pages - Colorology/ colorstrology

this is a post from along time ago, about Colorstrology
Interestingly this is a post that gest lots of hits in the search engines of life on the internet. The original post and then one more post later with the corrected spelling still draw the intrest of pantone color theorists and astologers wanting to know what color influences their life. :)

This is what the site says about my aniversary date ! here is the web site location for Colorstrology

aniversary -: 04.17

PANTONE® 19-1663

POWERFUL and strong, you are capable of managing a lot of responsibility. You are perceptive and have good investigative powers. You can use your financial insights to help others. Writing, psychology or money-related careers are just some of the areas in life where you can excel. Your personal color inspires optimism and creativity whenever you are feeling separate or somber. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Ribbon Red assists in blending your serious side with the more lighthearted part of your nature.

I just have to say it is fun looking at this search and the site meter and how it has tracked this for the past 2 years. so I think I will just continue to post about color and colorstrology in the future.

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