Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Where I come from (WIF)

I am from a book that held my name before I was born, from Quaker grits and hardened stock of French train men.
I am from the wilds of Germany, before the Berlin wall fell, the Rockies covered in purple mountain majesty and the suburban areas were I live.
I am from the sun and the moon, the earth and the sky. I crave a time long ago when the pioneers came west.
I am from breakfasts in the early morning and grey hair in the early 30’s , from Lacoste and Spector and Golden roots .
I am from the unconditional lovers and the artists.
From silly fingers in belly buttons and sweet dispositions.
I am from Jewish, Catholic, and found my own way Episcopalian.
I'm from Germany, France, and Connecticut Yankee, I am bushe de noel and steak and potatoes. Plain and fancy.
From the romantic story of my mom and dad’s love affair, the joy of a Christmas morning spent in the southwest Texas sun with great aunt Frieda and great uncle Nick and the warmth of love in the hearts of my brothers David and Greg
I am from scrapbooks done by my Grandma Ann and Aunt Sunny, photo albums from my mom and photographs from my Dad ,black and white stills of a life led around the globe, super 8 tapes transferred to video. Priceless mementos of an international existence for a down home little girl.
I am from a book that held my name before I was born, the bible says I am a beautiful woman, I say I am powerful and creative and I can handle it.

this is the link to the WIF web with a template
and here is where i first ran into this an blogger with a prize at the party below

I thought this was pretty darn cool and will use it in a scrapbook page I think or at least include it in my book of ME.

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Kate said...

Can I swear on your blog? That was effin awesome. I am totally in love with your description. Absolute poetry! I may have to use it in my scrapbook, too. Hurry and get here so we can take some photos! :)