Tuesday, April 03, 2007

friends :) always wear the same clothes

For about 6 years now at some point during picture taking we have managed to wear these clothes- the last day of my stay in NE with Kate we deliberately had Hh take this picture with our favorite things to wear :)


Kate said...

This is a good one. I look too incredibly happy! I do love that sweatshirt but I really need to get something classier than "United Rentals." Guess I never really thought of it. LOL! I love how my hair is dry all but the top layer - this photo was so urgent! :) We loved having you over to play for the week. Miss you already!

Queue_t said...

this was the last of the three Hh took!! I love the smile, and steven says you are bending down to get in the frame!

for as bad as you were feeling that is a great smile.

miss you toooooo - I had a blast.