Sunday, April 08, 2007

Shoebox cards, great friends and photos

this book is too funny, I had to have my own personal copy - 20 years of so funny stuff , I saw it at Kate's house when we were there for spring break.

We ( Kate and I ) have had an ongoing card affair for about 4-5 years now. We don't own stock in hallmark but ....we could. I think I have purchased every one of the fresh ink line and sent them off to Kate, and other cards as well. They make me laugh and touch me and fill my life with joy. The cards record the everyday, the celebrations, the sadness and tribulations, they mark milestones and mundanes and they make me happy.

they reside in my house, in my car, in my purse, in my memento box and in my heart. They are Just Right . Another came in the mail yesterday filled with photos!! !! It is a funny card and S didn't get it but I laughed right off. On the front is woman at a desk in an office setting and it reads " the other day I clipped a recipe out of a magazine to prepare it at home." and on the inside it says. " Then I laughed and laughed . You should have been there. " I am so glad my friend Kate " gets me" I laughed and laughed too.

The photos are of our time together and the ones from Kate's camera- along with a disk and prints. I love that they are the same and different from the ones I took. That is the beauty of the camera and the eye of a friend. I am in love with her photos and perspective on the same events with different twists. I love a photo of sock and shoes that I had not seen the day we went to the zoo, oh I saw the socks- but this photo is the " girls" to a T, I took another perspective of them hair and head bands from the back, it is the " girls" to a T as well. The Girls are so funny together and have such funny taste ( though totally similar) they had a discovery the very first night we were there of a Lime green bra, that each one of them had one bought at totally separate times and in different locations. We laughed so hard we cried, with the funny antics and performances we watched that included the lime bras and the matching panties. Then the next day they were wearing the bras and little cami's and the socks and the sneakers. I am so happy that Kate " sees" through her lens a different view than I do .... I also made prints and left a disk of all my photos for her. I hope she will choose some to post up on her blog as well. there are some of me and some of Hh and lots of fun stuff altogether. We had a blast and now I think an Nebraska album may be in order.

I have layouts from our scrap days together too. I am so glad to get my mojo on at your house - Kate - and that we set up the table and got at the fun stuff.

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Claire said...

What a lovely story!