Thursday, April 26, 2007

quest 2k7

This is what I will be doing this weekend- quest 2k7 2 tickets to paradise

I am taking both J and SSD1 to Buena Vista tommorrow along with a couple of other boys from church- seems our youth are mainly male LOL. Our Pastor is going to be the lead chaplain for the weekend, that is pretty cool. And I am pretty charged to go to camp for a weekend.

I will be sporting my camera - so I will post up some pics on the flip.

Spent a session with a councilor and J this week and learned a few things, have been tasked with a few things and one will be to do Mom /Son activities for the " fun" of it, like a date day or something like that... this is tough cause I don't really know what is fun for him, hopefully we can come up with some ideas. If you think of something leave me a comment.


Michelle said...

Can the two of you cook something? I know he may not like the idea, but most all boys at least do like to eat!

Kate said...

I'm jealous of your camping trip. I tried to do that this weekend but could not get friends to go along. lol! As for your young guy, go see movies. Check out some extreme sports. Will he mind you along on a trip to the mall to scout for hot babes? lol! I KNOW! Time for you both to come to NE!