Thursday, May 03, 2007

more photos from the weekend

As a part of the weekend program, there is a special power point presentation type thing, made of images made from LEGO r themed toy bricks. The gospel according to " Brick" what a wonderful and creative way to get the message to kids from 6-12th grade- fun and made accessable. Our Diosesian youth formation pastor -Neil Reilly- is the creative force behind this and what a talent for legos he has.
Here you can see the " recreation- option" that was available in free time. A really nice Warm pool and very neat water slide too. There were lots of other fun and games to be had too. LIke foosball and pool tables. What a nice place to have this kind of activity .

And this Shot is the mountain with its native inhabitants ( mountain goats) and the really fabulous blue colorado sky- this was a neat thing to see, the contrast of their coats against the sky and the hill made them really stand out. We saw elk and big horn sheep on our way to the ranch too on the road colorado - 287
Another shot of the " screamer" and the platform down below. I climbed down on the far side of the hill under a rope course and some other steep stairs to get the best vantage point to " see the Kids" again look at the light and beautiful day we had for all these fun activities in the mountains.
The veiw from " Sunset point" not at sunset, but I heard it is spectacular then with the red and orange light bathing the mountain range. Still I think it is all good.


Michelle said...

Now I fully understand the word 'Mountain Goat'. I had no idea!

As always, beautiful pictures, QT!

Queue_t said...

yup goats they are indeed. thank you for the nice photos comments, I sure have fun with my camera and taking all kinds of photos.