Wednesday, May 30, 2007

picture post mostly Hh

Field day was fun and sunny- this was a basketball shoot out.

This was a fun activity and the parashute was a fun thing even when I was a kid in school .

Invited to a board breaking at Karate!! she has very good form, She did break one board and now wants to do it again. The next thing is to decide if we are committed to earning a black belt!!

This is our new summer do, not quite as short as special's but still pretty short for this girl, she LOVES it though and it is cut with longish layers that flip UP pretty well with not a whole lot of fussing. and it will be nice for summer.

This is the last choir concert, tomorrow night tonight we have one more thing to do and help with the 6th grade banquet, I made the powerpoint presentation. and we will need to help with the execution of the evening.

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