Thursday, May 03, 2007

percussion princess plays Boettcher concert hall

boetcher concert may 1st

Here are stats on this location Boettcher Concert Hall Denver Colorado

This is HH in her grand 1!st public performance!!

Boettcher Concert Hall
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Boettcher Concert Hall, located in Denver, Colorado, was the first symphony hall in the round in the United States. Built in 1978, the hall is part of the Denver Performing Arts Complex, the second largest performing arts complex in the United States next to Lincoln Center in New York.
Boettcher originally opened to mixed reviews. Due to its size in relation to the size of the community it serves, its 2,634 seats are often not completely filled. Tuned acoustically with a full house in mind, Boettcher originally suffered from hot and cold spots when the theater was only partially filled.
In 1993, the theater underwent a major acoustical renovation. The height of the seat backs was adjusted, additional acoustic reflectors were added, and acoustic curtains were installed which that allow the theater to be tuned for specific performances--even during a performance.
Boettcher is home to the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Jeffrey Kahane. It was formerly conducted by Marin Alsop


Michelle said...

I jumped when I hit play, the speakers had been turned way up, LOL!

You can hear her bells above everything! I'm sure you're very proud.

Kate said...

Hh sounds great! I love how she keeps time. J is sure jealous - really regrets not choosing snare. (I'm counting on her to be my "Taps" girl. She can't switch!) Tell Hh to keep rockin'. Her dress is awesome, too.