Sunday, May 27, 2007

wow - may has gotten away from me

I am sorry to say that my days and evenings have been filled to the brim, with commitments to attend or take or just do for everyone else but me.

The boys have been busy and the girls too.... the boys went camping at the sand dunes again last weekend and the girls did fun stuff here. We had my in-laws for the last couple of days so that has been a time taker. The visit was good though and eveyone had a nice time. evenings have been filled with commitments to scouts, school and church, we did fun things like get to two baseball games in the last few weeks as well. I have been working a bit and helping a friend, I committed to help with a power point slide show for the 6th grade banquet and J's 16th birthday is this week.

I will be posting more details and photos very soon, stay tuned.

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Michelle said...

I hear ya, busy lady! When the masses give you a little down time, don't forget about yourself. Maybe you could go get a manny and a pedi?! (and thanks! I've been dying to type those words somewhere, LOL!)