Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Tickets and other Scout thoughts

As I worked my personal tickets I kept alot of the things we did in our course in mind. This outline of the themes that we worked through- is a good representation of the things I discovered and was able to participate in. I am glad I captured my feelings and images in my scrapbook too.

Five Central Themes and Leadership Skills
The themes that follow encapsulate the course content of Wood Badge for the Twenty-First Century.
1) Living the Values
—Values, mission, and vision
—Aims and methods
2) Bringing the Vision to Life
—Listening to learn
—Giving and receiving feedback
—Valuing people and leveraging diversity
—Coaching and mentoring
3) Models for Success
—Team development model
—Situational Leadership
4) Tools of the Trade
—Project planning and problem solving
—Managing conflict
—Assessing team performance
—Managing change
—Celebrating team success
5) Leading to Make a Difference
—Leaving a legacy
—Learning the greatest leadership secret

Today this struck me too, that my expectation is high , but the bigger picture and the long term out comes are the important factors. Some times we just can't saee the forest for the trees!

Realization of your vision
You should not expect that you will realize your vision immediately upon completion of the five
goals; reaching your goals is an initial part of a long-term work in progress.

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