Monday, March 31, 2008

Phones - Techno stuff?

Well we have brought Hh into the mobile world- connected to the net with her own phone number and samsung phone..... she is delighted and can't wait to have the responsibility for this piece of techno stuff. We stated that there are rules around this little bit of business, and she still is just fine, I hardly doubt she will abuse her privilage -- the hardest part for me is feeling bad about J's lack of good experience with this techno stuff, he abused his privilage and SSD1 did too -- the Text MSGs were out of control and finally we had to limit the use of the phone for both, D1 did get it back recently and we have to have him connected when he is working and riding the bus long distances.

SSD2 has a Techno phone as well , his has a tracking device! and we can " see where he is located" by the satilite GPS hook-up his mom got in his phone. This is a bonus for one who may get lost?? but I am not sure we have used it to its full potential :) . He is very good at keeping track of it and having it with him, as well as calling on Wed's to talk to Dad! pretty neat that he can get some good use out of it and foster abit of communication in the process. We occasionally still have to prompt him to " answer" or " say Hello" but this is all good for a kid with Autisim. Yeah.

S too got a new techno toy- his is the ATT tilt and we added data to our plan, so he can always be connected to his e-mail and his boss! oh joy. It was time, his razor has out lasted its useful life and needed to be replaced desperately.... so he is in techno toy stuff heaven today with his phone.

I am away from home today, I have had a couple of months of filling in for another co-worker, he gets to go to Boulder for some training and teamworking, and I have been replacing him in Colorado Springs, every other week for a while, this will last just a little bit longer, but the best part is being able to see my folks. We have been able to have Dinner together and get to see each other on Sunday nights, they have been putting up with me, and providing a place to crash! so alls good at the moment. that is about all the " news" fit to print for today.

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