Sunday, June 29, 2008

I told you it was green!

here it is - you can see the top photos with Kermit that it is his " green" ! Check out the little dresser with the green knobs. this was a dresser my parents purchased whe my youngest brother was just a baby- we painted it white and the knobs have been lots of different colors depending on where and who's room it is in, so now there are green knobs.
in the closet the bar got painted green! and all the white accessories are a nice contrast to the green, we like the navy blue spread and curtain. so over all I would say this is a. ok. !
The computer Desk was made for this space, though it has seen other places in the house - it is ideal here in this space. SSD2 loves the computer and his dad is good about making sure he is connected.

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