Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kermit Green

This is the color of the Room for SSD2- since the bigesst boy moved out and the youngest wants the bigest space, and we need a guest bed set up, we worked hard last week to wash walls and re-paint.
this was an oops color we found at home depot - and yes it really is this shade we even took SSD2 real kermit and put him on the bed and low and behold it was this green!
I will take a picture or two over the weekend and see If I can capture the New look.
I am off on Friday the 4th for the holiday and we are aiming to paint the larger of the rooms then for move in the following week by Hh - I am not sure , but she is pretty happy to get the master bedroom.

My hits still include colorology, all of us SSD2, Hh and I have color in the purple range being that we are Feb Babies, but this is the opposite color on the color wheel from the purple, so I think that is why we all are drawn too it. SSD2 was very pleased with color and is even in the groove with making sure the bed gets made and the room stays neat.

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