Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas has come and gone

we waited a while for everyone to arrive and open presents- with this blended family we sometimes have to wait until after , sometimes we have to do it ahead of time, over the last ten years we have adapted. This is our tradition, a santa on top of our tree, you will see him there everyyear. S tried to find an angel one year, but no such luck so this guy has been our combined tradition since we got together.
This year's tree was silver and red! it is gorgous and I have enjoyed having it up for a while. Hh and I had fun decorating it.

We did lots of shopping at Thanksgiving. The kids got a couple of extreme rockers for video and music listening and game playing. They all got a little mp3 player with 2 gig hard drives. these were the most coveted of the gifts this year.

I got a cool box of goodies from my Husker PAL- K8 ( I won't be taking these in to the university!!) these are meltaways in a Nebraska huskers box!!
then there was this cool ornament a coffee tree from Hallmark - it is so darn cute.....
it is not going on my tree it is going downstairs to be with the good Cuppa I got last year.

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