Saturday, December 15, 2007

Party hardy

We went to the University of Colorado's Party last night at the museum of nature and science. Hh came with us and she an I wore our santa hats ( festive was the dress code) the museum was open with some exibits so we went to see Titanic... S said it was sad to see this at christmas time, but facinating none the less. The preservation and recovery of the items on board was fantastic, the displays and layout were creative ( like you were touring in parts of the ship) . Hh already had been one time with her classmates and had a unit in school studying this event in our life history. it was interesting and informative. Here is a link to the exibit.

Tonight it is off to the Downtown Denver Broker, it is located in the bottom of the bank building and inside a vault. here is the link

Built in 1903 and set in an original bank vault, The Broker Restaurant is one of Denver's most unique dining experiences.

Our dinner menu features dry-aged, prime cuts of beef, fresh Alaskan seafood, Colorado lamb, pork tenderloin, and many other wonderful gourmet entrees. Dinners may be accompanied by an appetizer, soup, salad, vegetables or potato selection from our a la carte menu

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