Tuesday, December 11, 2007

snow, snow and more snow

it's begining to look alot like christmas around town. It snowed all day in Boulder and the buses ran slow, but I am thankful for someone else doing the driving, I can't believe what a stress reducer that is. I actually get some unwind time. I have read more books in the last 5 months than in about a year too:) I am currently reading an innocent man by John Grisham, and just finished Playing for Pizza by him as well. I am happy to read authors I like.

I am contemplating the return to education, possibly my Master's degree, The U provides us with the opportunity to take some credit hours in our " field" this could be a very good thing.

The video clips below take a while to load, but they are fun and worth veiwing and listening too, I am so proud of Hh and all the good things she is accomplishing. She takes pride and satisfaction in the goals too.

J is at his Dad's currently we had a falling out, and he did a few things that I don't agree with or want to condone, it is a hard line to take- but I am a parent and not a friend, is a mantra I have to take as a parent. Though love is hard. It is hard to explain that I love him, but don't want the bad behavior and I have rules and expectations to live by in my house. His indiscresions, lead to a suspention from school and a ticket- maybe time one on one with Dad is what he needs... it is hard

Working on some projects and will be scanning in my Woodbadge Scrapbook soon, for all to enjoy. I want to put together a digital version for distrubution to my patrol mates and some friends. It was a great project to put together. so be looking forward to that soon I hope.

I also want to get back to my regular blogging schedule. So don't hold my feet to the fire, but I will try to be a better blooger.

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