Tuesday, April 22, 2008

All beaded! A fantastic evening

This is my Troop Guide- and over on the far side the ScoutMaster for my Woodbadge course. I am getting my new neckwear and with me are SSD1 and Hh and my S- This was one of the best nights ever for me in Scouting. We had a great turn out and a nice Dinner and a large cake. Here we are All my Patrol mates - we are doing the antelope cheer- look up on the slope there's an antelope!
We agreed that the patrol flag would go to the person who is getting their beads, Brian got it for 4 short days, I get it until the next person beads and then I will take it to them for their beading. what a fantastic support system.
this is about number 5 in a series of photos that S took, with Me and my Boss and my supervisor! we laughed and chatted our way through most of the photos S took but this one really cracked me up- my expression in priceless.
All in all this was a lovely way to spend an evening. my friends, my family, my troop and a great bunch of boys!

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Lynette said...

Congratulations. You are such an inspiration and an outgoing person.