Sunday, April 27, 2008

a whirlwind has been set in motion

I am completely busy at work! and home and at church! - but that is life at the moment, it has just picked up pace and moved.

the Web team I am on is going along, but the place that has been busy is our web site for our open enrollment online. It won't mean much to all my blogging buddies but here is the URL if you are interested in seeing what has consumed my time.

I also recorded some presentation pieces- the Faculty and Exempt professional and the retiree one, so if you want a little laugh or the hear me ( my co-workers say I have a calming voice!!) then you can go through a presentaion or even a little bit of it! my first broadcast .....

we had a vestry retreat for St. James yesterday and that is full of work on what direction we will be visioning in the future. I think overall it went well, but we still haven't found a place to " spend" some of our money.

I am off to make breakfast for the gang at home, then off to church, have a wonderful sunday. chiao

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