Monday, April 21, 2008

Beading - I am number three from WE5 61 2 07

Well I am going to actually get my second bead, having completed my tickets, I am going to do it at my troop's court of honor. Tomorrow night my troop, my patrol mates and my boss and supervisor, and most importantly my family will be there to support my most important work I have done for myself.

I feel that this course really opened up my abilities- it gave me confidence to move forward and lead ( boys and my work team) my troop too. It has given me confidence in my work too. This was one of the most profound experiences I have had in my life. I would highly recomend it to fellow scouters. It really is worth the time spent to learn that you can just say ON!

A big thanks to my Friends Karen and Art, with out thier ongoing help and support I wouldn't have done it. A big thanks to my S for his love and support and making sure the home fires stayed burning. A big thanks to my boss Michelle for allowing me to go to the weekends when I just had started my new job and had no leave! A big thanks to my Patrol mates whom were there at every turn supporting an " old Lady" I can't say enough about my new guy friends.

We will take some photos tomorrow and I will post a couple in a few days. I am the third person from my Course to receive my beads, my patrol mate beat me by a week:)

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