Monday, April 28, 2008

a saga with Ice cream

I have a thing - a problem if you will- with a particular need, I like a certain sundae at Dairy Queen.... I have been ordering it for years with varying degrees of success. I started out innocently enough when I was in high school.... my Junior year, I dated a young man ( my first Love) he would treat me to dairy queen on dates. I would order my treat and we would enjoy time together out side and summer evenings were the best. This particular item ( special order) would stay with me, the ultimate for me in indulgences and/or just a feel better treat-- to take me back to a time of remember when. I continued to order it on occasion if I treated myself to ice cream during my first marriage. it was more of a comfort food then..... and a joy full treat it has been on occasion when it is made to my satisfaction during my marriage to S.

But the Dark side to this saga is just how wrong it is on most occasions, and sadly it has really nothing to do with me ordering it incorrectly.... it really has to do with the sloppy nature of the service industry today and in the last few years. It sometimes gets corrected if I fuss or refuse to take it the way it is made. I some times ( like tonight) gets hidden inside a bag to be discovered later at home..... it sometimes can be done over with much fuss, it can be done correctly if I don't go through the drive thru but instead hover over the counter help who will make my treat.
When it is done wrong though - that really pisses me off!!!! It really makes me angry when a customer devoted industry doesn't listen or repeat back and order from a customer. So this evening I was PISSED OFF due to this lack of attention to the customer, lack of detail in repeating orders back, lack luster service provided by young people behind a counter at my most local dairy queen store.

So you may ask, just what do you get and how bad can they screw it up??? Well I will tell you my special request..... a Cherry sundae made with Chocolate SoftServe and nut topping, and whip cream. Really not too hard, but the help can-not manage an unusual combination. so very rarely these days do I get this correct unless I stand over the counter help and shake my head and make noise.... this requires NO drive thru.... so I don't have time to always breathe down the necks of those making my sundae. Well tonight they missed again and messed it up, the drive thru distorted my request and somehow I didn't get chocolate soft serve. ah well the saga will continue......

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