Friday, November 07, 2008

Blessings in disguise ...

People Who Deal with Life Generously and Large-heartedly go on Multiplying Relationships to the End. ~~ Arthur Christopher Benson

Today started out a little on the shaky side, after a long day in Colorado Springs yesterday, I came out to a flat tire, after getting S up, we put air in it and I went off to the local Discount tire, well they repaired it, say it was a screw. - so on my way again to the office, and called in to my Boss - and the tire is Flat again as I go around the corner to the exit ramp and I have to pull off. So I call S, who didn't answer his phone, and start to worry how I am going to get this figured out. A broomfield police man pulls up behind me and helped me to change the tire. ( the spare was semi flat as well, enough to get me off the highway) Thus my Blessings in disguise!! so back to Discount where they gave me a new tire and mounted the spare back under the Van - all is well.

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Kate said...

Yea for awesome police! I'm glad you could see the bright side of this adventure. Fewer things are more upsetting to me than being stuck on the side of the road!